Fascinated, thoughtful and involved. That’s us.

We get to know people, see the world through their eyes, and understand what makes them tick. Because the best market research comes from curiosity, connecting, and uncovering the thoughts and feelings people find difficult to express.

We find people fascinating
We find the truth
We like getting our hands dirty
Reading between the lines

The three of us

Ian Crouchley
I’ve studied, travelled and met people across the world. I’m intrigued by the way we live our lives, how our culture shapes our behaviour. This has led me into research and analysis. more

Marie Harrison
Medieval history. Literature from the dark ages. Obsolete languages.

I’m not your conventional market researcher. Though I did get an MSc in Psychology, and have been a research sister. more

Jane Fligelstone
My life’s in curiosity. Language and how people communicate fascinate me.

This has led me to a degree in Developmental Psychology and an MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development. I’m also an NLP master practitioner and a certified LAB profiler and trainer. more

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